About My Careers HR Solutions

a. What is My Careers HR Solutions?
My Career HR Solutions is an international human resource consultancy in Nepal providing complete recruitment solutions.

b. Where are your partner offices?
We have partners located globally in Asia, Africa, Middle East, North America and South America.

c. What recruitment services do you offer to recruiters?
We provide a complete package of programmes to suit the needs of the recruiters. We offer outsourcing solutions to companies seeking specialised skills.
We utilise our carefully designed seven step recruitment process to select candidates. But our services do not stop there as we understand the recruitment risk recruiters face. Thus, we provide specialised training to candidates to prepare for their role within your company.

d. What recruitment services do you offer to job seekers?
We offer varied job opportunities to interested candidates both nationally and internationally and help guide throughout the application process. With our large portfolio of available jobs, candidates can apply using our seven-step recruitment process. After the selection process is complete, we offer UK accredited training to prepare for their new job.
For international job seekers, we will advise throughout the onboarding process including visa processing and flight arrangements. We provide an end to end service to guide the job seekers to their dream job.

e. What industries do you recruit for?
We recruit for multiple sectors which include but are not limited to Health Care; Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG); Construction industries, Oil and Gas industry; Media and Telecommunication; Hotels and Hospitality sectors; Facility Management; Security; Engineering; Airlines and Airports and Financing.


a. Where can I register for the job?
You can apply directly online through our website for your desired job. A recruitment consultant will then advise you to discuss vacancies.

b. How long does the process take from initial contact to the hired candidates first day?
For a standard vacancy within Nepal, the process can take up to 2 months.
For an international vacancy the normal procedure could typically be completed in upto 6 months (subject to countries and regions).

c. What is the cost?
The cost varies according to the type of vacancy and the location which varies dependant upon job (for international vacancies, Rs. 10,000 is assigned as a service charge. This fee is taken according the terms and jurisdiction from government of Nepal).


a. Once offer letter is issued what documents do I need to submit?
You have to submit a passport copy which has a validity of more than 3 years, current visa copy, highest education documents, 2 passport size photos with white background, insurance and medical certificate along with work permit and police clearance wherever applicable.

b. What will be my working hours?
This would depend on your work contract which would be in accordance with UN Labour law. This will also be articulated in your offer letter.

c. Will my flight ticket be reimbursed at the time of employment visa being issued?
If you are a direct overseas hire, ticket will normally be reimbursed by the employer subject to contract.

d. How soon I can join once the employment visa is issued?
For national recruitment, the joining date normally takes two weeks. Internationally recruitment can take upto one month subject to flights and contrats.

Visa Processing

a. What documents do I need to submit for visa processing?
You have to submit a clear passport copy which has a validity of more than 3 years, your curriculum vitae, highest education documents, 4 passport size photos with white background, medical report, insurance report and police clearance wherever applicable.

b. How much time does it take to process my employment visa?
For a standard vacancy outside of Nepal, the normal procedure could typically be completed in 45 working days. The process could however may take longer depending on the countries and regions.

c. Where do I have to go for Medicals test?
There are various medical centers approved by the Government of Nepal for medical testing. Your My careers recruitment specialist will advise.

d. How much time does it take to complete Medicals?
It normally takes 3 working days to complete all the medical test in Nepal.

e. What is a work permit/labor approval?
Prior to employment visa, you have organise security clearance with the Ministry of Labor. The typical total days to obtain Labor approval is 3 to 4 working days.

f. How much time does it take to stamp my Visa?
Once we receive the medical report, it typically takes 14 working days to get your visa stamped on your passport.

g. Will I receive labor card and labor contract?
Once the visa is stamped on your passport the labor contract would typically take 2 working days to obtain. The same would be sent to you on your email I.D.


a. What happens once my visa is coming to expiry?
You need to apply for employment visa renewal.

b. Do I need to apply for Medicals and Emirates ID again?
Yes, it is mandatory to apply for the same. The process is same as mentioned in onboarding. Please refer to the on-boarding section.

c. Does my labor card also require renewals?
Yes, your labor card also requires renewal. This will happen simultaneously during the visa renewal process.

d. How long will it take for visa renewals?
As you finish your medicals, the report is typically issued in 2 working days. Visa and labour card will be renewed within 5 to 7 working days.